The faculty of the course Digital Signal Processing consists of seven teachers, one over 60, one over 50, three aged 30-39, among whom one teacher has experience of postdoctoral study abroad, and four teachers have once studied...more



     Xidian University is one of the universities which first provided the course of Digital Signal Processing. Through the efforts of teachers and students over two decades, the outstanding course of Xidian University, Digital Signal Processing, has achieved a lot, such as compiling and development of textbooks, constructing laboratory, teaching of theories and experiment, strengthening the faculty, etc. The course is a pioneering course in Shaanxi province and enjoys a good reputation in China.
The textbook Digital Signal Processing (Second Edition) edited by Xidian University has been chosen as the course book by many universities in China, with a sale of over 40,000 copies each year, winning the first prize of National Best Sellers. The textbook is the first...more


Objective:The students are to build the basic concepts of digital signal processing through the introduction of the basic theories and basic methods of digital signal processing in detail. The students can master the basic theories and basic methods to design digital filters...
Teaching Contents and Requirements:
1. Signal and Signal Processing (2 hours)
1. Basic Requirements
(1)Understand DSP application
(2)On top of grasping the classification for signals (3)Grasp the basic concept of digital filtering... more